Stitches West 2013 and my works in progress

If you'd read my previous post, you'd know I was away all this while to study and take an exam. And I'm proud to say I did a good job on the exam and now I can move on to paying attention to the rest of my todo.

I'm done with most items in my not-crafting todo. And I've ADDED a couple more items to my crafting todo, especially after I made a trip to Stitches West. I went alone with (too big) a budget and shopping list in mind and utilized only half my budget (!! I know!!) because my big belly didn't allow me to troll the stalls anymore. But I'm happy with my loot. My fav bargains were at the Webs stall. They were offering great discounts on bulk items.

My shopping list was not that long. I'm usually a wise buyer though my DH might disagree. I decided to only buy interesting yarn with content I've not worked with before. Mohair was at the top of my list, maybe linen, cashmere, BFL, I thought. And tools - I might have bought a good interchangeable needle set, or spinning tools if they were on discount. But didn't find any on discount, so decided I could buy them anytime. Told you I'm wise. So here's my loot

10 Balls of Cascade Yarns CashVero (A blend of Merino, Microfiber and Cashmere)
6 Balls of Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic aran (50% cotton, 50% wool)
2 tiny balls of Habu Textiles - Silk Mohair Kusa (Mohair, Silk) each with 186 yards!!

Pretty proud of my precious loot. I check on it once in a while. Now I just have to plan what to make with them.

I also signed up for a test knit on Ravelry 2 weeks ago, as if I did not have enough to do already. It's called Små Skridt (baby steps) blankie by Erika Brandt. I'm halfway through it now. Should be done soon. This blankie is for a friend's baby due soon. Figured a test knit with a deadline will definitely make me finish it on time.

Will take new pictures of my Babette and upload them here soon. Also lots of gardening works in progress pictures! I'm a busy lady and I'm loving it!

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