My crafting todo

Ok I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed suddenly. I realized I have 11 weeks to go before the baby arrives. I've signed up for this exam in 4 weeks and I need to study for it. I'm very tempted to make stuff for my baby and all my pregnant friends' babies, yeah 3 friends (that I know of) are expecting babies around the same time. So to get organized here's my crafting list.

1. Finish blanket for my baby
2. Fabric painted onesies for baby and matching tee(s) for my 4 yr old.
3. Try my hand at block printing, yes I want to do it right now.
4. Silk yarn scarf / shawl with beads for store
5. Vest for friend 1's baby
6. Tank top for friend 2's baby
7. Vest for friend 3's baby
8. Matching hats for all 3 above?
9. Finish DH's Lap blanket

Not crafting list:
1. Shop for baby gear - bath tub, diaper pail, etc
2. Wash 4yr olds hand me downs for baby
3. Make sure all baby gear from storage - stroller, car seat, etc are clean and disinfected
4. Shop for baby girl clothes!
5. Study for exam
6. Sign up for child birth refresher class

All this while studying for my exam beginning of march. And I have nothing else ready in the house for baby either. Haven't shopped


  1. Oh my gush that IS quite a list.
    Are the crossed out ones things you ALREADY did? Because I think you can get away with just hats for your friends' newborns while you focus on your own new arrival. At least until the exam ;) I know knitting is a lot more fun than disinfecting car seats. :)
    I think the matching onesie/tee idea is super cute, too ♥

    1. No the ones stricken out are postponed indefinitely :-(. You're right, I should probably just make hats for the other newborns. Especially since I've added 2 more items to my todo since I wrote this post. :-D

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