Two baby blankets

Ok here's some progress on my baby blankets, the Babette and the Små Skridt (Baby steps) that I blogged about here and here earlier. The babette has been slow progress because I've been busy applying to schools after my exam. Also because I'm not really enjoying putting the squares together. Should remember that when I do any more modular knitting or crochet. I finally got my first 2 panels ready. I don't have a complete plan for the entire blanket except that I want it to be big enough to last a while for my baby. I plan each panel as I put it together and it's not as per the Babette pattern either. Here are pictures of Panels 1 and 2.



And I finally finished the Baby Steps blanket. I wish I'd chosen more contrasting colors. Seems like the blue is blending into the green here. I wanted to make an easily maintainable blanket on account of it being a gift and I wanted to use yarn from my stash. So these colors were the best choice I could make. Details and more pictures of this project on Ravelry here.

And do you see why it's called Baby Steps, those stripes look like a staircase!

Baby Steps Blanket

Baby Steps Blanket
What have you been knitting lately?

Waterproof open wide zippered pouch

I'd been wanting to make this open wide zippered pouch for a while now, only thing I wanted it waterproof as well, to carry my 4yr old's wet swim trunks maybe or as a toiletry pouch. The tutorial is very well written and simple, so I had to make it. Finally 2 days ago I sat down and did it. Being a newbie sewer it took me a while, but I'm sure the next one will be faster.

I made the medium sized one without a contrasting bottom to keep it simple. Only thing I had to figure out was how to make it water proof. The lady at my local sewing store helped me pick out an iron on vinyl lining. So first

Cut out two 12" x 9" pieces each out of the exterior cloth, inner lining, stiff interfacing and vinyl lining.

Now take the inner lining pieces and the vinyl pieces. You would want the vinyl layer to be the inner most layer of the pouch, the part you see when you open the pouch.

Next peel off the backing on the vinyl and place it sticky side on the right side of the inner lining. Place the backing paper on it and iron it on medium, no steam. Make sure the iron doesn't directly touch the vinyl unless you want a melted mess.

This is how the white lining looked after attaching the vinyl. I similarly attached the stiff interfacing to the exterior pieces by steam ironing them together.

Next I treated the now vinyled lining as the inner lining and followed the steps in Noodlehead's awesome tutorial.

As you can see, I still have problems making straight stitches on small areas like the zipper tab.

And tada! All done! Thank you noodlehead! Going to make a ton of these now.

A pencil inside to give you a sense of size. Fits my sons swim trunks and soap bottle.

The shiny crackly interior, not as loud as I expected it to be, thanks to the stiff interfacing.

What have you been crafting lately?

Stitches West 2013 and my works in progress

If you'd read my previous post, you'd know I was away all this while to study and take an exam. And I'm proud to say I did a good job on the exam and now I can move on to paying attention to the rest of my todo.

I'm done with most items in my not-crafting todo. And I've ADDED a couple more items to my crafting todo, especially after I made a trip to Stitches West. I went alone with (too big) a budget and shopping list in mind and utilized only half my budget (!! I know!!) because my big belly didn't allow me to troll the stalls anymore. But I'm happy with my loot. My fav bargains were at the Webs stall. They were offering great discounts on bulk items.

My shopping list was not that long. I'm usually a wise buyer though my DH might disagree. I decided to only buy interesting yarn with content I've not worked with before. Mohair was at the top of my list, maybe linen, cashmere, BFL, I thought. And tools - I might have bought a good interchangeable needle set, or spinning tools if they were on discount. But didn't find any on discount, so decided I could buy them anytime. Told you I'm wise. So here's my loot

10 Balls of Cascade Yarns CashVero (A blend of Merino, Microfiber and Cashmere)
6 Balls of Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic aran (50% cotton, 50% wool)
2 tiny balls of Habu Textiles - Silk Mohair Kusa (Mohair, Silk) each with 186 yards!!

Pretty proud of my precious loot. I check on it once in a while. Now I just have to plan what to make with them.

I also signed up for a test knit on Ravelry 2 weeks ago, as if I did not have enough to do already. It's called Små Skridt (baby steps) blankie by Erika Brandt. I'm halfway through it now. Should be done soon. This blankie is for a friend's baby due soon. Figured a test knit with a deadline will definitely make me finish it on time.

Will take new pictures of my Babette and upload them here soon. Also lots of gardening works in progress pictures! I'm a busy lady and I'm loving it!

My crafting todo

Ok I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed suddenly. I realized I have 11 weeks to go before the baby arrives. I've signed up for this exam in 4 weeks and I need to study for it. I'm very tempted to make stuff for my baby and all my pregnant friends' babies, yeah 3 friends (that I know of) are expecting babies around the same time. So to get organized here's my crafting list.

1. Finish blanket for my baby
2. Fabric painted onesies for baby and matching tee(s) for my 4 yr old.
3. Try my hand at block printing, yes I want to do it right now.
4. Silk yarn scarf / shawl with beads for store
5. Vest for friend 1's baby
6. Tank top for friend 2's baby
7. Vest for friend 3's baby
8. Matching hats for all 3 above?
9. Finish DH's Lap blanket

Not crafting list:
1. Shop for baby gear - bath tub, diaper pail, etc
2. Wash 4yr olds hand me downs for baby
3. Make sure all baby gear from storage - stroller, car seat, etc are clean and disinfected
4. Shop for baby girl clothes!
5. Study for exam
6. Sign up for child birth refresher class

All this while studying for my exam beginning of march. And I have nothing else ready in the house for baby either. Haven't shopped

A babette blanket for baby

Ok I finally decided to accomplish one item that had been in my todo forever. The babette blanket! It's one of my few fave crochet patterns and I decided to make one for my spring baby!

Most of the yarn was supposed to be from my stash. But I ended up falling quite short and buying more! Tee hee! I can't use silk or a synthetic yarn for baby, so most of it is super wash wool. I'm loving crocheting these colors.

Babette Planning

Babette Planning

Babette Planning

Anyone else wanting to make this should check out the flickr pool of babette blankets for inspiration. 

Yarn spun from Sari Silk Ribbons

Did I tell you about this new wonderful yarn spun from Sari Silk Ribbons? The common misconception is sari silk yarn and ribbons are made from used saris. Actually they are made from sari manufacturing industry waste or surplus material.

To make this ribbon cord, first Sari Silk surplus is cut into strips. The strips are joined end to end and then spun on a Gandhi Charkha to make this wonderful cord that can be used for weaving, knitting, crochet, other textile crafts, jewelry, embellishment, scrap booking, you name it.

And here's my finished baby girl tank. What do you think? 

February Lady Sweater and a few other projects

I'm back from a nice vacation to India. All relaxed after a busy holiday season, here's what I've been up to. I finally finished my February Lady Sweater (with coconut shell buttons too!). A perfect maternity sweater for me. Yup! :-)

And a little tank top in progress for the little bun due in spring. Yeah it's a girl! Not sure why I picked fall-ish colors. But looks like I love orangey shades.

I've been meaning to do some more silky knitting. I have 2 projects in my Ravelry queue. Not sure which one to start on.

The first one is called Dropped by Arlene's world of lace and it looks like this.

And I plan to use my lace weight silk yarn in colorway Ocean for it. And if I pick this one I'm going to add beads to it.

The second option is called Riot by designer Sandra Paul.

I thought I might use a few colors of my Duke silk for this. Perhaps these? What do you think? I'm leaving on option 1 to try my first knit project with beads.