Easy sew yoga mat bag

I've enrolled for a yoga class since last week. Now that I have a sewing machine I decided to sew my own yoga mat bag. All I needed was some strong fabric. I looked through all my old clothes and bingo, I found my old corduroy pants! So simple and so quick and so pretty if I may say so myself! :-D!

The length of the legs were perfect for my yoga mat.

Snipped off the top of the pants.

Turn the tube inside out and straighten the seams by sewing them in a straight line (optional). I've placed a pin to indicate the stitch line.

The bottom of the pants already had a one inch fold. Folded and sewed the other end of the tube. I snipped a hole in each send and inserted twill tapes through them. So both sides have draw string closures.

I used the waist of the pants to make the strap. My pants had a beautiful print on the inner waist.  I ripped the seam of the waist using a seam ripper to separate the butts of the pants from the waist.

 Then I folded and sewed the waist to neaten it and make a nice strap. And sewed the strap on like so. (You can still see the buttons that hold the pants up on the inside of the strap. You could optionally take them off).

And TADA! Your own pants leg yoga mat bag in 20 mns! 

You could embellish the bag with embroidery, appliques and what not to pretty it up. You could reinforce the bag with a lining or use the other leg of the pant as lining - zero waste!

Hope you enjoyed this!

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