Some great recycled sari patterns and finds!

A friend made this lovely bag with Recycled Sari Silk yarn and I just had to share it here. I think this is one of the few pictures where the luster of recycled sari silk yarn is visible! I think this bag will look even more stunning in person! Details of the project on her Ravelry page here. The yarn wrapped handles are a nice touch don't you think?

And here're some lovely items made from Silk Ribbon

Skinny Scarf By Lynspiredknitting

Rossette Statement By Plumfish

Toddler Sweater with Rocket motif

All done with the sweater that I blogged about earlier here and here and it's a perfect fit. I'm glad I did all the ripping and re-knitting because it's perfect. I'll share the pattern as soon as I can write it down in pattern lingo. My 3yr old looks pretty comfy with it. However for all his eagerness and impatience while I was knitting it, he was hardly interested when it was done. I think he just likes the fact that he got to pick the motif for his sweater, not to mention the sense of power he got when he could check on me if his sweater was done. He also loves to play with the loose ends of yarn that are lying around when I'm knitting something and my plastic stitch markers and the ball winder.

This reminds me of when I went to his school to talk about yarn and knitting and weaving. I carried a couple of kids' weaving kits that I'd bought at Michaels. And though the children did enjoy the weaving, I think they would have liked it more to just play with the little bands of colorful yarn that came with the weaving kit. I'd also carried a ton of different kinds of yarn from my stash and store. Silk, wool, cotton, acrylic, un-dyed, dyed. The biggest oohs and aahs were for the colorful variegated ones. They made me a little thank you book with pictures they drew of the session. I was so touched! I wish I could share all the pictures but here's one to give you an idea.

And here's one of the little hands weaving!

Giveaway winners and a raglan toddler sweater

I'm on a big stash busting and WIP busting mission. I have a ton of things planned with my stash. But the first is this sweater for my son that I had blogged about earlier. I realized variegated acrylic yarn does not do it for me anymore. I like the simpler and cleaner look of solid shades for kids clothes. So no more projects from the acrylic yarn after this. I like how the rocket turned out though. I've blogged about it here if you want to make your own motif.

I'm using Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage method from her Knitting Without Tears. It's knit bottom up, sleeves are knit separately then joined at the shoulders to start the raglan shaping. It's pretty straight forward until there. I'm still figuring out how to achieve the right neck depth without making it look weird. I've ripped it back twice after almost finishing the neck ribbing. I think the acrylic yarn has come to my advantage here because it maintains it's shape and elasticity even after ripping it so many times. It's a good prototype yarn.

Next project in the making is Jared Flood's Umaro! I just fell in love with this throw when I saw it. Making one for my DH with Cascade Eco +. I have 4 skeins, I hope that's enough to make one big enough for him.

Now to announce the winners of the giveaway.  I had a hard time picking names from all the wonderful and creative names suggested. So I finally picked two winners, yes there are two because I really liked the names from two different entries! Lilac Sun and Periwinkle! The winners are Mesuee and Lcubed!  I'll get in touch with you to get your mailing addresses.

Sari Silk Ribbon in the store and a giveaway!

Sari silk ribbon is made with silk left over from manufacturing saris. The silk remnants are cut into strips and sewn end to end to make a long ribbon. They are approximately 40-50 yards in each 100 gram skein. I have these great colors listed already. More coming up soon.

Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon - Multicolored
Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon - Lavender Rose

Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon - Lavender
I recently reached a milestone - 100 Etsy sales and I'd promised a giveaway. So here it is. I'm giving away a skein of Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon yarn to one lucky winner in their choice of color from my store. I'm looking for better names for these two lavenderish ribbon yarns from my store. They are currently called Lavender Rose and Lavender, ugh! 

So to enter in the giveaway you have to

1. Suggest names to the two lavender ribbons above in a comment to this post. And that's it!

Entries will be accepted until Aug 23rd 2012 Midnight! On 24th I will pick a winner from among the entries. This time I won't be using my dear friend the random number generator, because I want names I like. So hey there might be 2 winners, one for each color!

A fun vacation and a lovely lunch box diner.

I've just returned from a fun trip to King's Canyon and Sequoia National Park. Staying in a lodge, camping, hiking, eating great food in great weather. Enroute we ate at a diner on I-5. It was called Apricot Tree in a town called Firebaugh. We've been there once a long time ago, but this time I made sure to get some pictures.

The walls are filled with vintage tin lunch boxes and little flasks all organized by theme. One area had disney character ones, another with westerns, and so many more. These pictures were taken with a cell phone, so not great quality. The food was like any other diner, but I'd go there again just for the decor.