Make your own knitting motif

Hey does my blog take a really long time to load? I'd love to hear back if it does. I realized most of my posts are picture heavy and I'm wondering if that's causing my blog to load slowly.

Now on to the, hopefully not so picture heavy, blog post. I've been knitting so much with silk I decided I need a change and I also need to get started on my fall and winter knitting. My little one loves to wear stuff I knit for him and I also want to bust my stash. So I found some acrylic yarn in there- yeah I've no idea when I bought "acrylic". I'm a bit of a yarn snob now, but not enough to let all the synthetic yarn in my stash go waste. He wanted a "Rocket ship" on his sweater. So hunted down some pictures of rockets online. Zeroed in on this one. This site has an amazing number of pictures you can download for free for personal use. And I changed the colors, took off one of the wings, simplified the flame and this is how it looks now.

Now to convert this into a chart for Intarsia knitting. I found this amazing online tool that does it, for free too - KnitPro.

Now the only problem with this is that everyone's knitting gauge is different. And though this charting tool has rectangles instead of squares to accomodate for the fact that knitting stitches are longer and narrower, I'm not sure how it guarantees that the proportion is right.

My gauge is 14 sts X 20 rows for 3"X 3" square. So that makes the stitch size = 0.21"X0.15". Another person's gauge might be different. So the same motif will end up looking different for different gauges. Unfortunately, I learnt this after knitting a part of the motif and it looks skewed right now. I'm going to continue and if it does look skewed, and it can't be fixed with duplicate stitch, I will rip it and do over. I'll make my own graph paper this time using a spreadsheet with the right proportions.

See how the flame is not symmetrical in the sweater below where as it IS in the picture above?

EDITED: Fixed the problem! Knitpro takes care of the fact that stitches are actually wider than longer and I'd earlier used the portrait mode on knitpro. I used the landscape mode and it fixed the problem! 

Sigh! Apart from all this blue going on here with my knitting, I've listed this new Banana Fiber yarn, in a beautiful blue colorway. (Not a great picture but, pssst... I've ordered a new lightbox for taking better pictures of my yarn).

Blue Skies, Banana fiber yarn
Happy crafting!

Edited to add accurate gauge.

Succulent Fever

I'm becoming a big succulents fan. I just love how beautiful they can look and how easy they are to maintain. A friend gave me a few and I keep one of them on my desk, in water! Yeah look!

And I've found a few really pretty ones on Etsy.


Succulent Thank You Gift

Ceramic Succulent Planter

Some new items in the store and better pictures!

Some new items in the store and some old ones with better pictures. Here's one of my most popular yarns

Recycled Sari Silk Yarn Yellow Streaks
I made a huge sale of the yarn below, as soon as I took and uploaded better pictures. Just goes to show how important good pictures are and also that what you think is a good picture might not really be good. I won't be surprised if I come along a few weeks from now and want to retake this picture all over again.

Recycled Sari Silk Crimson

And the one below is new and my current favorite recycled sari silk yarn. Super bright, will look great with the yarn above or my yellow or purple.

Recycled Sari Silk Tangelo
I want to start knitting for fall right away, slow knitter that I am. I'm so addicted to silk now, but I think my 3 yr old will not particularly like a silk sweater. And my stash has so much wool, cotton and acrylic yarn but not enough or not right for a toddler's sweater. I'm losing all the love for my stash. It's so pointless, takes up so much space and I never have enough to make anything. My next project - bust stash!

Amber Threads Color Cards and an Etsy treasury

A potential customer led me to this idea when she enquired about the colors of my Worsted Weight Silk yarn. I've been working (and I still am) at getting better pictures of them, but that lustrous silk is tricky to capture. So I decided to make this color card and it is available in my store now and with free shipping within the US and Canada.

I also decided to do this for the complimentary sample yarns I send with every order.

And I created this treasury I'm really proud of. I got 100 views within minutes. And for the first time did I receive as many comments on my treasury too. So proud proud. Here it is. Tell me what you think.

'You are invited... to a summer garden party' by amberthreads

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Crochet Art - Ernesto Neto

I was browsing through a magazine and discovered this. A crocheted installation at Buenos Aires by artist Ernest Neto a Brazilian artist.

And this video on youtube shows how people interact with the installation.

I won't pretend to understand art and comment on it. But I can't help but be amazed at the size of this installation. What do you think?