Some sewing today!

Been away from my blog for a while now. First my little one was on spring break and then there were just too many things to catch up on after that. For instance, sewing!

In a wild moment of enthusiasm, I signed up for a sewing class on Monday and attended the class on Tuesday. And I loved it. I think the last time I touched a sewing machine was at least 10 yrs ago if not more and I did not make anything then. Just some alterations. And I used my mom's (updated) analog sewing machine then. At the class I was pleasantly surprised at how outdated I am, machines with needle threaders and a button that snips off the thread and I'm pretty sure many yet to be discovered features. And I used a rotary cutter and mat for the first time too. My mom is going to love that one! Yeah, I HAVE been living under a rock.

Well turns out my sewing skills are not so bad after all (except for the occasional crooked line). Here's a picture of what I made thanks to the very patient and wonderful teacher Judy at my local fabric store - Eddie's Quilting Bee. I'm definitely going back for more!

And onto sewing!

And here's a new treasury created in honor of the upcoming Mother's day. Basically they are, for the most part, presents that I might like for Mother's day, well for that matter ANY day. Anyone out there listening?

'Worldly pleasures' by amberthreads

vertical succulent wall art ...

Robin Egg Blue Felt Flowers,...

Cat brooch NINO- Unique Art ...

Lovely World Lady (set of...

Bird's Nest with Eggs ha...

OOAK Hand Embroidered Wool F...

Blue Elephant With Tusks

Organic. Jewelry set in poly...

FLOWER fine art print REPROD...

Ceramic Brooch , Fandango Tu...

Brontosaurus Pattern

Resonate- Hand Dyed, Thick a...

Handmade Photo Album/ Scrapb...

Greek Gods: Atlas --Hand Pai...

Modern Fiber Art Soft Sculpt...

Lemon green Cat - hand drawn...


  1. your bag is fantastic! i love the fabric you've chosen and it looks beautifully made too :)

    i like your idea for a treasury - i think i might make one of 'stuff i want' to! (or perhaps 2... or 3... or 4...!)

    1. Thank you! Pretty proud of it myself, it being the first bag I made and all :-).

      Ha ha! Yeah quite some time until Mother's day, go for it.

  2. Great treasury! And that bag came out really nice, I like the fabric you used! :)

  3. Cute bag! Someday I really need to learn to sew.

    Cheerful treasury! Thank you so fairy much for sharing it on my Treasury Tuesday Linky last week - I hope you'll return to play again.

    1. Thanks you Kristin! Sewing is really simple. You should try it:-).